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ethnic handcrafted fair trade jewelry


Rural Womens Artisans Cooperativa


ethnic handcrafted fair trade jewelry

  • New World Women Distribution of elegant, ethnic, style-setting jewelry is a revolutionary producer-driven, efficient, responsive, authentic, and sustainable commerce model respecting the dignity and goals of the artisan producers.

  • New World Women collaboration between the traditional village Mexican women and our Northamerican sisters.




Artisan Owned Jewelry Handmade


artisan owned distribution mexico handcrafted fair trade

Fair Trade Jewelry Handmade With Care

There is something to be said for high quality jewelry and accessories, especially since they’re so rare these days. Finding authentic accessories to wear can seem daunting, but one way to find them is to go with handcrafted fair trade jewelry.

What is fair trade jewelry? Simply put, it’s made by members of handcraft cooperatives and countries who specialize in creating their own regional and traditional wares like jewelry, utensils, clothing and so forth. For people who are interested in supporting these handcraft producer groups, the best way to ensure the merchandise they purchase was ethically made and not simply the product of a large business
that treats its workers poorly or pays them too low of a wage to live on. with any dignity
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