Up coming Webinar about How to Make Good Money With Jewelry

Artisan Own Direct Distribution: New World Women

The purpose of this new webinar is:

It was made with the purpose of giving information to those people who are interested on jewelry sales. This webinar will give them information about the new opportunities in the world of jewelry just like the title says “How to make good money with jewelry”. This webinar gives you three options; been a distributor, become a reseller, or been able to interchange inventories is you are already a reseller. This webinar focus on the coexistence between artisan and client, this webinar is to not just leave the relationship just in a simple business but to keep harmony and equilibrium. If the client leaves behind the intermediary and start a better and direct communication with the artisan there will be a better understanding, the artisan can offer to the future reseller, distributor, or the person who just wants to refresh their inventory since they are already resellers, a package  of ideas, materials, advise, and solutions so their business can become successful, why? because as much as the client needs to sell jewelry, the artisan needs orders so he can feed its family here in his town. If the client does have business the artisan doesn’t have orders.

This webinar opens a door of one and thousand opportunities, for the client as much for the artisan. If the artisan knows everything that the client needs, if the artisan knows about the fouls on the jewelry that gave to the client, if the artisan knows about the high cost of the jewelry, the artisan can try to get to an agreement where they can both be balanced and the client and the artisan can meet their economic needs.

This webinar also offers valuable information for future clients that are deciding on becoming a distributor or becoming a reseller by part of a cooperative of Mexican artisan women.

These new entrepreneurs can listen to this webinar and finally understand about what means this project, where the artisan will be having a much more direct communication with the client.

Where they will be able to understand what means to be a distributor, not been able to fail to the artisans, since they need a certain amount of orders by day, month, year, and more to be able to sustain their families, because it is not just one artisan, it’s a whole community of artisans working for a better future, where their husbands, sons, or ankles, that have left to the United States can come back to their town and have work.

In short words, not only the future distributor, reseller, or present seller will be the beneficiary of this low priced jewelry, advices, videos about how to sell effectively their jewelry, documentaries about Mexico, articles by professionals about how to make good money with jewelry, and from their daily jewelry sales, not only them the artisan will all be the beneficiary the artisan will benefit from the client success; one for all. and all for one right?

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First Part

How to make good money with jewelry its not only a file and a compendium of practical steps, tips, or links to suppliers.

It is a really valuable resource for professional distributors and for common people who are thinking on opening their own business, it is all going to just a simple idea:

How to make good money with jewelry

Any person that has been involved in a jewelry business knows how important it’s the cost of dragging a business day by day with a dead inventory…

Just imagine a lady that it’s on one side of the country, she has a butterfly bracelet, a jewelry that is in great shape, however… her ideal customers have already gone with another lady which is on the other side of the country. This lade doesn’t have any butterfly bracelets, she only has some bloodstone.

Think about how valuable it’s this opportunity for independent distributors, to have the power of trading their inventories and fashion items.

By refreshing their inventories or a fashion item, the seller can easily gain a better profitability.

Parte 1

Como hacer buen dinero con joyería no es solo un archivo y un compendio de pasos prácticos, consejos, o  enlaces de abastecedores.

Son recursos muy valiosos para distribuidores profecionales y para gente comun que piensa en empesar tu propio negocio, Todo dedicado a una simple idea:

Como Hacer Buen Dinero con Joyería

Cualquier persona que ha estado en un negocio de joyería, sabe que un importante es el costo de arrastrar un negocio día tras día…. Con un inventario muerto.

Solo imagínate a una mujer en algún lugar en el país, ella tiene un brazalete de mariposa, un brazalete que es mercancía en un perfecto estado, sin embargo.. Los clientes adecuados ya fueron con otra mujer la cual se encuentra al otro lado en el país y esa mujer no tiene brazaletes de mariposa ella solo tiene un poco de Piedra de sangre de sobra.

Solo piensa en que tan valiosa es esta oportunidad para distribuidores independientes, el poder  intercambiar inventarios y artículos de moda.

Al refrescar repetidamente su inventario o una venta de articulos de moda,  el vendedor fácilmente logra una mejor rentabilidad.

Part 2

How to make good money with jewelry
it’s a cooperative between Mexican women.
It’s a program design by talented and industrious women.

How to make good money with jewelry
it’s and academy of step by step
where people can learn how to become successful.

How to make good money with jewelry
it’s a community of mutual help
for people who sell jewelry professionally.

How to make good money with jewelry
it’s a series of videos, each one dedicated to
an important theme about how to sell jewelry.

How to make good money with jewelry
it’s a WordPress blog with articles by experts
and discussion forums about each important theme that’s
relevant to jewelry sells.

If you sell on festivals and fair or you are going to
display at in important event of fair trade or you might
be working on a jewelry commercial establishment.

Anyone who it’s involved on the jewelry business and knows
about its benefits, needs How to make Good money with Jewelry.

We are introducing a new concept
which is an artisan own direct distribution
of handmade jewelry.

Parte 2

Como hace buen dinero con joyería
es una cooperativa entre mujeres mexicanas.
Es un programa diseñado para talentosas y ambiciosas mujeres.

Como hace buen dinero con joyería
es una academia de paso a paso
donde la gente aprende a ser exitoso

Como hace buen dinero con joyería
es una comunidad de ayuda mutua
para personas que venden joyería profesionalmente

Como hace buen dinero con joyería
es una serie de videos, cada uno dedicado
a un importante tema sobre ventas de joyería.

Como hace buen dinero con joyería
es un WordPress blog con artículos por expertos
y foros de discusión de cada importante tema que
es relevante a las ventas de joyería.

si tu vendes joyería en ferias y festivales o si expones
en un evento de justo comercio muy importante
o tiene una tienda independiente de justo comercio
o si tu trabajas en un establecimiento comercial de joyeria.

Cualquiera que esté involucrado con los beneficios
de la industria de joyería, firme esto!
Como hacer buen dinero vendiendo joyería
es un enorme recurso valioso
para joyeros profesionales   y para
personas que apenas están siendo talentosos
en el mundo beneficioso de fantasía joyería.

Estamos introduciendo un nuevo concepto
el cual es adueñado por artesanos distribución directa
de joyería justo comercio hecho a mano

Part 3

Our idea it’s for our clients to enjoy
the benefits that comes with good jewelry
by working together, we all can obtain what we need.
Our clients need to make good money
and we need to make enough jewelry.
to be able to bring more jobs for all the men who
are working in the United States so they can take
the opportunity to come back near their families.

Parte 3

Nuestra idea es para que nuestros clientes  disfruten
las ganancias que provienen de buena joyería

Al trabajar juntos, todos pueden obtener lo que necesitan.
Nuestros clientes necesitan hacer buen dinero
y nosotros necesitamos producir bastante joyería.

Para  poder traer trabajo para que todos los hombres
que están trabajando en los Estados Unidos tomen la oportunidad
de regresar al lado de sus familias.

You have any tip or suggestion for us? We will happy to read you! 

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