Greetings from the craftswomen.

Receive warm greetings from from the village craftswomen

We are a rural womens artisans’ cooperative in Guerrero.

Our village of  is a traditional handcrafts producer.

We are the creator sof the alpaca abalone shell jewelry

that was extremely popular in the 1980s. We are the daughters

of the craftspeople who made those lovely shell floral mosaics.

We produce beautiful handcrafts by the village cottage industry.

Please you are very welcome Join the New World Women list.


We are building a network, using our creativity to make a world-wide impact

just like our parents did with the alpaca and abalone shell mosaic jewelry.

We have been working hard for a long time to align our jewelry production

as an ideal beautiful object; now, we are ready to break out the new Fashion!

2017 This is the year of the success
of the Mexican women and of
the success of New World Women!

If you want to stay informed
and be notified of new
developments in thisproject,


Please only Follow this Link to join the New World Women list.

If you want to stay informed
and be notified of new developments
in our New World Women project,
then please Follow this Link to join the list.

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  1. admin Says:

    This is a very interesting short documentary film. I am impressed.
    Are there more films of this kind available? If there are, I would very much like to see them. Congratulations to your creative team.

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