September 21, 2018

Ixtapalotl’s Childhood

28_nov_06 151 On one side of the world sat a young woman, long black shinning hair, daughter of a dignified mayor and brother of a priest at the Temple of Huiztlapotztle the left-handed butterfly god. Smart as a kitten, she sat in the window of her room, looking out onto rich produce of the productive farmers in the patio of her house for distribution to the people who were unable to work. She had on her leopardskin necklace; the one her father gave her when she was born. He told her every day she should be be fierce like a leopard, just like the leopard skin ornaments she rarely took off. Her mother was calling and her waiting servant was knocking on the door. Ixtapalotl ran behind her dresser, while running, her hand crafted Yax Mayan ring fell to the ground. Her birthday was January 30th of that day, Yax is protector. As the servant opened the door to look for her, Ixtapalotl was already out of sight. The servant saw her brooch on Lilly’s dressing wondering how it got there. Lilly loved that brooch, it was a lily flower it went with everything and lilies were her favorite. Ixtapalotl’s shame was so great! She found herself hiding full of anxiety and fright.. She suddenly imagined a demon and had to hold back her scream, She instinctively looked around her for a rock to throw for even as a child he could hit a spot every time. She picked one up to throw and she suddenly saw it was a scorpion belt buckle she had in her hand. Quality craftsmanship. Her brother was sure to love this. She placed it in her pocket and kept looking around the room. She was to see her sick grandmother off in the mountains, but she did not want to go empty handed. She spied a small box. She blew the dust off of it and saw it was a pill box, just what her grandmother needed. She ran her hand across the top to see it was very unique. It had the Nahua flower on it, she read in school that it had healing powers, fashioned in German silver, she knew this would cheer her grandmother up, and deep down, she hoped it would make her better. Back in her room she saw her mother standing there. Her mother who had on a long black dress, a pair of small black and white ying-yang earring that she got for Solstice last year, her hair was in a bun and she was using the brooch that they found walking in the forest one day as a pin. It was a mother of Pearl butterfly brooch. With a small black diamond offsetting the dress, it symbolized flight, every time she wore it Ixtapalotl swore she had wings. The road in the carriage to her grandmothers to find her weak, Ixtapalotl ran to the waters thinking the worst, to see a mermaid swimming around the waters, searching for something. Ixtapalotl was told if she ever saw one, she was truly blessed. She walked up to her and saw the shimmer of one starfish earring. She showed it to the mermaid and she jumped with joy. The mermaid told her to take this gift to her grandmother and she will be well. Ixtapalotl ran to her grandmother as fast as she could. She placed the gift in her grandmother’s hand and her eyes opened. The power from the pill box and the gift of Nahua flower earrings healing power cured her grandmother. They looked out the window at the sun setting, it reminded them of the earrings her grandmother had, it was a picture perfect moment of this, starts shimmering, the fiery red sky and the twinkle of love.
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