August 17, 2018

Artesanas Campesinas

ARTCAMP “Artesanas Campesinas”
rural womens artisans cooperative
New World Women


We women of Mexico have survived through 500 years of being conquered…
earthquakes, volcanoes, famines, revolutions…. we have been through everything
and even though the village men have mostly all gone to the United States to work,
anda good number of them remain up there, and they do not return back to Mexico….
our hearts have stood for it. As we care for our children and our older family members,
we turned to our tradition of jewelrycraft as an elementary economics to provide for us.

We are serious.

What we want to do is to share our success with you.

We are very happy to support our sisters in the North.

We have the fashion jewelry production
– we are tradition handcraft jewelry makers.
Our village authored the abalone jewelry
that was such a big fashion item in the 1980s

– this is not something we are new at.

We are real and not faking it.

Now, YOU can be part of the New World Women
and you can have the advantage of direct access to our artisan producer group
so that you can wholesale our jewelry to stores or dealers
or you can sell yourself to the public for an average of 6 times profit!

You read correctly. We are in a position to supply you with world-class quality fashion jewelry
that you can retail at an average 6 times mark-up. Or you can wholesale at 2 times and let the retailer triple.

The New World Women is a society of mutual assistance,

with the first load of help coming from the South to the North!!

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thank you! please share our mission with others

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New World Women is an authentic social project and a revolutionary economic model.

This jewelry is expertly made by traditional artisans on a lapidary wheel in our homes.

Do let us know what you think, if you sincerely have something good to say.


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if you want to know more about our stone mosaic jewelry

to have this very beautiful jewelry for your own,
or as a gift, or if you are a re-seller.