December 9, 2022

In the Craftswomen’s Workshop

In the Craftswomen’s Workshop.

She is smoothly cutting into the black rubber
with a very sharp #22 blade scalpel.
She is cutting the channels and gates
through which the molten metal will pass
in the centrifugal casting process.

This is a video of the craftwoman in her workshop;
this is how she makes the organic rubber molds
for the beautiful pieces displayed here in the blog.


Midnight Struck Us
from Joaquín Sabina

Performed by Cuerdas de Taxco


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Lapidary Art

lapidary craftsman at work

lapidary artisan at work


The lapidary is well-reared, well advised; a counselor, informed in his art; an abrader, a polisher; one who works with abrasive sand, rubs stones with fine cane and, makes them shine. He makes them shine.

The good lapidary is a creator of works of skill. He is adroit, a designer of works of skill, a gluer of mosaics of stone. They are glued. He creates, he designs works of skill. He grinds down, he polishes, he applies abrasive sand to stones, cuts them into triangles, forms designs of them.

(Baquedano 1984:22)