August 18, 2018

Coconut Pendant With A Stone Mosaic Mayan Sign


Handmade by Artesanas Campesinas from Guerrero Mexico

Mayan pendant made with coconut and abalone shell.

Wide: 2.5 cm = 1 inch

Long: 4 cm = 1.6 inches

The ancient Maya civilization of Southern Mexico left us a riddle:

a mysterious intricate hieroglyphic script carved on stone monuments

and painted on ceramics and books of bark. Because the European conquerors

suppressed nearly all knowledge of how the script worked,

unlocking its meaning posed one of archaeology’s fiercest challenges.

Until now.

Watch this great  video and you may be amazed

at what you learn about the ancient Mayan

and what this can mean for us!

mayan quetzalcoatl

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