August 18, 2018



Ethical Fair Trade Jewelry

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18 turquise Adjustable Ring fair trade rings

ethical fair trade jewelry

stone mosaic rings


Fine Silver Pewter Alloy is casted out

in the Artesanas Campesinas shop

by the CRMC method, the armazon

is sanded and the back is polished.

Carefully, the ring is formed on the mandrel,

The stone is prepared, slabbed with a diamond disc

then it is cut up into small pieces with a jeweler’s saw.

The inlay sections are then expertly fashioned

with the edge of the carborundum wheel

mounted on the axel of a 3/4 h.p motor.

Finally, the ring is sanded with 220 grit sandpaper

then sanded again with fine 360 grit sandpaper;

then the ring is polished

with ordinary red compound

then the ring is buffed out

with the green compound

then the ring is carefully

examined as it is hand cleaned

Each ring weighs 9 grams.

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New World Women

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iis a revolutionary producer-driven,

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with world-quality fashion jewelry
Ethical Fair Trade Jewelry Handcrafted with Love