August 18, 2018

How To Fix Your Jewelry – Broken Clasp



Sometimes taking our pieces of jewelry to the jeweler is just out of the question,

the cost for fixing a simple piece jewelry can end up been an expensive purchase.

Then why not fix it yourself?
Rachel Bitan Designer from RESERVOIR4.COM helps us

on the repairing of jewelry

To fix a jump ring clasp all you need is:

1.Jump ring
2.Needle nose pliers
3.Maskin tape

To repair a lobster clasp all you need is:

1.Lobster clasp
2.Needle nose pliers

To fix a tension jewelry clasp all you need is:

1. Clasp

If you are interested in more about how to fix your jewelry please share and visit An Easy 5 Minutes Way Of Cleaning Your Jewelry.

Author of this Video and Article: Rachel Bitan Designer from RESERVOIR4.COM


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