August 18, 2018

Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Ear Wires

ethical fair trade ear wires

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to have this very beautiful jewelry for your own,
or as a gift, or if you are a re-seller. Our parents and grandparents gave to us an important tradition of handcraft jewelry-making.

We are very proud
of every piece of jewelry we make.

Handcrafted; expert work.Fine Pewter Silver Settings.Hypo-allergenic Ear WiresYou probably ask yourself
how we craftswomen of Guerrero, Mexico
possess the confidence to say
that we handcraft some of the finest
handcrafted jewelry
anyplace on the planet?
Well, we did not start yesterday.
Our creativity has won
for our community
recognition among all nations
of the World
Reaching hundreds,
and even thohypo-allergenic surgical ear wireshypo-allergenic surgical ear wiresusands of years back
in the the history
of our part of the world
we see from our ancestors
the evidence of the
sustaining culture
that makes up our lives today
…and we repeat much
of that magnificent craftsmanship
born in creative motivation
resulting from the need for our children and families;
in this sense we are just like you.
We are the Tecalpulco craftswomen, artisans of Tecalpulco,
we are not going anywhere
and our success is rooted
in the faith we have had
that our industry will flourish

We know that when our sisters
in the North
have our products looking lovely
on their ladies that they will also wear
a piece of our resolve and vision of a better world for all of us.

New World Women distribution of elegant, ethnic, style-setting, jewelry is a revolutionary producer-driven, efficient, responsive, authentic, and sustainable commercial model respecting the dignity
and goals of the handcraft artisan producers.

New World Women – Wherever you are in the world, there we are.