December 9, 2022

Our Story

Hand made stone mosaic flower pendant

Hand made stone mosaic flower pendant

This is our story about how we Mexican women have been through earthquakes and famine and revolutions and we have been conquerered over and over, however we have never lost our tradition and that have given us a sense of purpose in the face of daily necessity and our duty to our loved ones our parents and our children.  Our grandmothers gave to us an important tradition of handcraft jewelry-making and we are extremely proud of each and every piece we make; all we seek for and need now is a caring collaborator.

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“We Mexican women have always had
a hard road; we have been through famine and revolution..”
“Over the centuries we have converted our necessity into success.”
“Our parents and our grandparents gave to us
an important tradition of handcrafted jewelry making”

“…every element of every piece is expertly hand-finished”
We, the producers, are jumping over the commercial intermediaries,
so there is nobody between you and us!”

“Our cooperative helps persons who want to make good money
and, at the same time, be part of an authentic social project.”

If you think you are a person who desires

to collaborate with us, remember:

we Mexican women are the ORIGINAL

creators and the makers of our traditional

handcrafted fashion jewelry

and .925 silver jewelry.”