August 18, 2018

stone mosaic inlay pendants


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Selection of assorted
fine pewter silver jewelry.
stone mosaic inlay pendants

Round, Square, Rectangle, Crescent Moon

dimensions : less than 1 inch : each pendant weighs 4-6 grams

(see individual piece listings
for dimensions of each piece)

Ethical Fair Trade Jewelry

…giving good service to the village cottage industry in our america

and collaborating in an indigeous spirit

the upgrade of artisan production technology

and overall productivity of our local cottage industry

We have dozens, hundreds

of skilled abalone shell workers

who are up in chicago and arizona;

…lots of them,

their mothers sisters their children and their wives,

are anxiously waiting at home for their safe return

many of these men would

return to Mexico NOW

to his village and his family,

…if he knew there was going to be steady work for there.
New World Women is designed
to serve the purpose of getting the products marketed
and to penetrate the markets on a deep and continuing level
in order that employment opportunities in our villages begin to grow,
and continue to steadily increase as the artisans
and the community advance and progress





Wherever You are,

there We are!

Authentic Social Project.  Fair Trade 2.0

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Our parents and our grandparents gave to us
an important tradition of handcraft jewelry-making.

We are very proud of every piece of jewelry we make.