August 17, 2018

Handmade Barbara Stone Mosaic Pendant

Welcome to Artesanas Campesinas

Thank you for visiting our gallery, we are very proud of every piece we make. This piece was made by one of my friends at the cooperative and then photographed by our dearest friend and photographer Ixchel. We are all women working together to show the world our hard work for a better future to our kids.Many of our husbands have left the country to the United States to work, leaving us behind with our sons and daughters. We need to show those man that we are working and that there is more work here for them. help us, share our word and let them know that we are here!

We are the proud Designers and Makers of our products and we are very proud
of every piece we make, in our ancient and honorable tradition as native artisans.

Please share the word about our mission.