August 18, 2018

Litle Square Red Coral Bloodstone Mosaic Pendant


Welcome to Artesanas Campesinas

Our pieces are handmade and designed by us.

We are women who have been abandoned by their husbands –
who have migrated to the United States, supposedly to find work,
as women and mothers we need to work hard to be able to survive
and to give our offspring a better life, and a better world to live in.

As a cooperative of Artesanas Campesinas we love working with new people.

The girl in the picture is one of our friends
who was kind enough to volunteer
as a model for this wonderful piece.

This piece is made out of Fine Pewter
with Bloodstone and Red Coral Stone.

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New World Women is an authentic social project and a revolutionary economic model.

This jewelry is expertly made by traditional artisans on a lapidary wheel in our homes.

We love to have your comments about our work!


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