August 17, 2018

The New World Women Idea

The New World Women Idea

Hand made stone mosaic flower earring

 Northamerican women desire to experience successful economics

forming part of a producer-informed alternative commercial model.

An economic model on the level of the human being;

an international independent distributors association.

New World Women means that the artisans, the producers

establish the terms and conditions in a way that will work;

the commercial dealers simply won’t do it, or they cant do it.

Our parents and our grandparents gave to us an important tradition of handcraft jewelry making.
To create and produce jewelry in cottage industry is the way we know to be able to support our families.

The NWW is a high-volume fashion product marketing strategy
because what producers require is steady continuing production.

New World Women distribution of elegant, ethnic, style-setting, jewelry
is a revolutionary producer-driven, efficient, responsive, authentic
commercial model respecting the dignity of the handcraft artisan producers.

The Artisan Own Direct Distribution Model eliminates the commercial intermediary
so that the New World Women distributorship is extremely profitable. The idea here
is: the producer price is very low so all the margins are available for sub-distribution.

We have tried to explain this and people do not get it because our experience is different
and people do not usually take us seriously thinking that we are only some Mexican girls.

In this publication will be pleased to provide ideas
of how persons can create their New World Women
distributorships, and how possibly you might join
with a cooperative effort that also is very lucrative.

It is lucrative for you, not for us.  Honestly, all we are trying to achieve is steady work making jewelry.

this is so our men can stay home and not go away and migrate to the united states and be gone for years

The only requirement is that the distribution has to be commensurate with a unit of household production.

This means production orders go on a 52 week calendar so the artisan is able to make a living with the family

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New World Women is an authentic social project and a revolutionary economic model.

This jewelry is expertly made by traditional artisans on a lapidary wheel in our homes.

Do let us know what you think about our work if we can use your words as a testimonial.

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The image at top is of one of our friends in Taxco. Isn’t she beautiful? Hand crafted stone mosaic flower earring