August 18, 2018

Why Does Jewelry Turn My Skin Green?



have you ever had the problem

of deciding about jewelry and not knowing

if the piece will turn your skin green?

Well then this article is  for you.

Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. tell us more about why does this reaction happens

and what you can do to avoid a bad experience. This article is from Chemistry

The green stains that some kind of jewelry makes on your skin is principly due to these two factors

1. High acidity on your skin 2.  A piece made with nickel

To avoid getting green skin you can wear a different type of jewelry,
fine pewter is your very best option, Fine Pewter is an alloyed metal
made from tin, antimony,copper, bismuth.

Pewter is highly ductile, this means that it can easily be worked, embossed, or carved.
The malleable nature of pewter has been employed for thousands of years, at least since Roman times,
and the metal has always been highly prized for use in luxury ornamental goods, including jewelry.

Pewter has been traditionally used to make tableware and decorative items.

Tin is the metal which appears in the highest concentration in pewter.

The other metals in the alloy are used as hardeners,
to make pewter practical for daily use and metalworking.

  • lead free, nickel free
  • used a mixture of at least 90% tin with the balance made up of copper, antimony, bismuth and silver.

Artists can do so much with fine pewter because it is a very easy medium to work with,

and it allows the craftspeople to fabricate ornamental items with exceptional detail.

The consumer prizes the products made of Fine Pewter because it has lasting value.

Under normal conditions, it will not tarnish, rust, or deteriorate in any manner.

Fine pewter is very collectible, affordable, and cherished for its longevity and lasting value.

It is now fashionable to use pewter instead of silver for everyday use. Pewter is easy to store,

never wears out, providing the enlightened consumer with the ability to put on a splendid display.

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