11. Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry Showcase


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1. Our Story
2. Avon and Mary Kaye

3. How To Make Good Money With Jewelry

4. Wholesale and Retail 

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8. Physical Inventory in a Secure Room

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10. Artisan Direct Distribution Model Shopping Cart & Catalog 

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As New World Women Distributor, you acquire beautiful handcrafted jewelry
in the form of inventory keyed to the artisan direct catalog and shopping cart.

The artisan direct distribution model catalog and shopping cart
makes it super easy for you to place your orders.

You choose the styles, and the categories,
and the quantities you want,for each design,

Once your balanced inventory has been established,
you program production is placed on a calendar;
…it is that simple.

The New World Women distributor manages a jewelry inventory,
compact in volume, arranged on shelves, in a small size room
in her home or business.

Having a physical inventory of styles,
the distributor is able to sell via catalog.

This New World Women Distributor must expect to handle sales volume
of at least two or three hundred thousand dollars a year within 18 months
and to be handling sales volume of at least one million of dollars in jewelry
by the third full year of your business operations.

(if you are content being small in a daily routine
that produces little or no economic returns forever, ,
then the New World Woman distributorship is not for you

If you decide to join with us at this time,

as an additional bonus, you receive a fantastic value which is the
Artisan Owned Direct Distribution Model Catalog and Shopping Cart

This facilitates yourjewelry sales as New World Women distributor

When it comes to the wholesaling and retailing of jewelry,
this efficient shopping cart expedites transactions
with efficient navigation and an attractive visual clarity

you will have it running in support of your sales, on-line, all the time.

It is very important that our distributors sell a lot,
to generate enough jobs, here in our home towns,
and that’s why we offer you internet technology:
in order to offer a powerful tool to our clients,
practical equipment,that is effective and useful.

We will adapt a special version with images that you will provide us with,
the logo art and contact information of our New World Women distributor.

This advanced commercial technology allows your customerto buy your products on-line.

Sure, the most important thing is to know is that it works well, and it does. It works great!