4. Wholesale And Retail


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1. Our Story
2. Avon and Mary Kaye

3. How To Make Good Money With Jewelry



Beinga New World Women Distributormeans: you have the best selling fashion jewelry
at the true producer price and that is the reason you will be making some very good money.

The New World Women Distributor enjoys
at least a six times margin from cost of product to retail.

This means that, in principle, the product can be doubled to wholesale and tripled at retail.

When it comes to jewelry, there areseveral things making the major difference
between the people who make good money, and the people who can’t succeed.

The most important thing is…
the power of having great demand for your jewelry.

The jewelry really has to be good and not just hype.

A unique one-of-a-kind product
that not everyone has
yet, everyone wants it.
…and you can getit
at the producer price,
…a price that allows you to readily sell
advantageously at wholesale,
as well as at retail.