5. Our Loved Ones

1. Our Story

2. Avon and Mary Kaye

3. How To Make Good Money With Jewelry

4. Wholesale and Retail 

This little video explains why we are doing this.
We intensely desire that our loved ones, our fathers, our husbands,
our brothers and our cousins to return from the United States
and reunite with the family and help us produce our jewelry.


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New World Women distribution of elegant, ethnic, style-setting, jewelry
is a revolutionary producer-driven, efficient, responsive, authentic,
and sustainable commercial model respecting the dignity
and goals of the handcraft jewelry-making producers.
New World Women allow our clients,
to enjoy a relationship with original artists
on the basis of mutual-respect and collaboration.
Our desireis to employ the profit margins to motivate our distributors,

since what we desire most of all is to generate employment, so that
our loved ones, who haveimmigrated to the United States to work
can be persuaded to return to their home town, reuniting our families
and to join us, in continuing the work of the production of this jewelry.

We know that to be able to get what we want
– which is to be reunited with our loved ones –
– our brothers, our fathers, husbands and sons –
we need to create a new productive economicopportunityin our village.