6. Contacts, Prospects, Customers


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This little video tells you how to profitably sell jewelry at wholesale and retail.


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the solution to our getting
what we needfor ourselves and our families,
as artisan and handcrafted fashion jewelry producers,
depends on your economic success as our distributor.

We intend to underwritethe profitability of our distributor,
and this is why: we are devoted to producing
a world-class top-selling one-of-a-kindjewelry
that is expertly designed, and brilliantly crafted.

You see, instead of taking a profit on the production,
our artisans prefer to pass it along to you at cost,
in order to demonstrate our willingness to create
and make jewelry in a full employment situation.

Thesemargins-of-profit are large, healthy, and available
Facilitatingthe New World Women distributor to pass on
the jewelry to the retailers, and to share with them,
the good price and the benefits of a cooperative market.

Yet also these big margins of profit can be employed
to underwriteeffective marketing tactics

You can use these profit margins
to offer them as discounts,
as give away, and promotions.

Your business can really power up
with gift certificates youhave
to distribute via theinternet –
gift certificates keyed to your catalog, and redeemable
with jewelry and other products in your existing inventory

To make good money with jewelry,
it is necessary to have a good price
so you can make attractive prices for your clients,
and canoffer attractive promotions to your prospects
and canfeature introductory offers to your new contacts.

But most of all, you need a very low price to get in this position

To re-sell as a wholesaler, at an attractive price,
so the business is also quite profitable for your clients.

…this is what makes success in the fashion jewelry business possible –
you really have to have all these big profit margins available to play with.

Let me remind you why all this is now possible.

It is because, the New World Women distributor
acquires the jewelry at the cost of labor, plus materials.
There are no additional over head or administration costs taken out
and neither is there taken out, the profit of a commercial intermediary.

As our New World Women associate,
you have access to our video and article collections
“how to make good money with jewelry”
and you will collaborate intimately with us
as our beloved New World Women Distributor.

As a New World Women Distributor
you enjoy the constant stream
of contacts,
, and clients
coming to you
-every day-
via social media on the Internet.

These contacts, prospects, and clients are received
continually, bythe New World Women distributor.

The very day your first jewelry shipment arrives,
you will be receiving fresh e-mails with inquiries
and people who want to purchase your jewelry.

Every day, you will be receiving even more e-mails.

contacts, prospects, and customers

– Every day, more than yesterday

and tomorrow, more than arrived today.

Think what this means.

Such acontinuous river of queries, orders, replies and ad-click responses
is thelawful product of a concerted and ongoing social media campaign.

As our new world women distributor, you are most enthusiastically welcomed
to participate with us in our new world women internet social media campaign,
on Linked-In, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tw
itter. You link into our networks and have access
to a lot of fantastic content and we will all wupport each other to get our jewelry look out there.

The social media campaign is always running in the background
so every year more people have heard of the new world women
or of the new revolutionary Fair Trade 2.0 commercial model