You have in your hands a unique jewelry product, created and produced by the artisans of the villages of Tecalpulco and Taxco El Viejo, Guerrero, Mexico


1. You have in your hands a unique jewelry product,
created and produced by the artisans of the villages
of Tecalpulco and Taxco El Viejo, Guerrero, Mexico


2. Nobody has this product but our NWW network
Presently. this product does not exist elsewhere..

3. Our goal is to have this stone mosaic jewelry
benefit the traditional crafts producing community

4. The minimum a family of artisans needs to make
including the cost of the materials is 200usd$/week

5. 5 families, the production spearpoint = $1000usd/wk

6. If we are not able to buy the pieces these shops produce,
they have every right, and will immediately, take this jewelry
to the local Taxco wholesalers and offer the product to them

7. There is NO question; the Taxco wholesalers will buy it.
and they will pay what the artisans ask becasue they dont
know yet; immediately the wholesaler will give the product
to workers in some other village and tell them that the price
will be a few pesos lower than the tecalpulco artisans charged.
within a month the wholsaler will set the price at a very low level

8. As artisan families must eat every day, not only when
their customers get around to placing an order with them,
so they work for the taxco wholesalers, though the pay is low

9. This jewelry can sell everywhere this summer, the response
you have had is indicative; but if we do not hurry up and get
the volume up to a reasonable level, this opportunity to have
the artisans benefit will have gone a glimmering and be lost
becasue the local Taxco wholesalers will get control over it.

10. Your ability to sell the jewelry is limited, going around to stores.
What is needed is for Fair Trade For All to get into a position to
service a flow of contacts, prospects, and customers resulting
from an effective internet marketing and media campaign.

11. The internet marketing and media campaign featuring
documentary videos and folk music, digital magazines and Blogs
to generate a network of friends, supporters, prospects, customers

12 Much of the marketing and media campaign has been prepared
over the past years. What is needed now is for Fair Trade For All
to acquire an adequate inventory in order to undertake this project.

13. If FTFA takes too long to become a distributor, this will significantly
undercut the exclusivity – and the advantage to the artisan community
of this unique, well-made, and beautiful stone mosaic jewelry product

14. As FTFA is qualified by having the jewelry products on the shelf,
and ready to ship, the media & marketing are ready to go at any time

15. For example,
letters of heartbroken mexican women to loved ones in the united states

16. Frequently, women make contact via the website offering to help;
FTFA should provide a volunteer opportunity, an important part
of which is posting links to artcamp web-pages in the social forums
and creating a nucleaus of supporters for the mexican craftswomen.

17 Fair Trade For All has the first crack at this to show the world
what Fair Trade is about, when it works for the benefit of artisans.

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