3. How To Make Good Money With Jewelry

This video will give you an idea of the training you need
to be in the top one percent in income derived from fashion and jewelry sales.

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In this post-commercial world,
jewelry and fashion are everything.
But you need to be knowledgeable. You need to learn the right way, from the beginning. The right way to talk about jewelry the right way to display jewelry, the right way to care for and clean jewelry, the right way to wear jewelry, and the right way to write about jewelry in order that you make good money; we know that your making good money is the key to our own economic success as traditional craftswomen.



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If, so far, you have NOT had great success with jewelry,
this does not at all surprise me,
as your source of product most likely
is a commercial re-seller,
like one of the dealers we have traditionally supplied.

If you have an independent business
where you are selling jewelry
and you buy from intermediary re-sellers,
your business will probably eventually fail
and not repay you the time and money
you have been investing in it every day.

It seems very unlikely that any kind of a big success
might come about when one is re

-selling jewelry
that has been already re-sold by an intermediary.

The middle-man clogs up the commercial process
of getting authentic jewelry to the point of purchase.

Take for examples: …like Avon, Fuller, Mary Kay – or “Stella and Dot”

HOW can anyone hope for the big economic success that one wishes for ones’ self
with thejewelry and the accessories sold by these companies at such high prices?

These companies are loaded with expenses, and with financial investors,
and with the salaries of employees, and the cost of insider product distributors.

Avon and the rest of these jewelry distributor businesses are run by financial merchandisers,
whose sold goal to make as much money as possible; therefore it is only logical
to these merchants to take as big a mark-up as possible for themselves
by maximally exploiting their suppliers, and customers alike.

The primary mission if commercial companies
is to buy low as possible
and to sell high as high as possible,
..beauty and justice have no place in this equation.

When the overriding of an operation motive is to make so much money,
the customers, distributors, and the producers are all turned into fools.

The marginal profits have been taken before the poor re-seller comes along
She tries to sell out of her catalog. No Wonder the people run the other way
when a sales persons approach with the catalog of one of these companies!

Now if Avon or Mary Kaye were runing by craftspeople
it would be an entirely different story.

For a producer, it is desirable to be selling at the LOWEST possible margin
in order that the jewelry spread widely

Continuous production orders for us can be reliably generated with such a strategy.

Do pay attention, since, withwhat you learn in this seminar,you will leave behind
all those uninformed vendors who remainstuckback in the commercial era, as your
new artisan direct ethical fair trade 2.0 style business thrives in the new environment.

Now I will share with you a selection of relevant content we have produced and put on the internet.

This can be very valuable to you, for the rest of your life, I am going to share with you just the titles
fromour How To Make Good Money With Jewelry series, that we have produced for your education.
to demonstrate the way we intend to support the new world women distributors in creative ways
by providing, on an ongoing basis, valid up-to-date information about: how to make good money with jewelry,
in the real world.These tips have been collected by us from our customers. This year we are expanding our research
program to address all the detailed issues pertaining to the successful experience of any handcrafted jewelry vendor.

Look, jewelry has many little details. To be able to makegood money with jewelry and fashion
– no matter what- you need to know how to manage a number of elementary considerations.

If not,…then your lack of knowledge and experience, will remain a barrier to your big success.

Here are a few sexamples:

How can you tell whether a piece of jewelry
is made out of gold, silver or another metal?
What is the easiest and best way to clean jewelry?what popular treatments should you avoid?
How to Participate in an Arts and Craft Show

How to Prevent your Jewelry from Tarnishing

How to Display Pendants

How to Display Rings

The Best Color for Jewelry Display

How to Use your Words Wisely

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How ToSafely Clean Delicate Jewelry

How to Be a Fashion Designer

New World Women Distribution Model

Ethnic Handcrafted Jewelry

Dealing with the Weather

How To Make Money With Fashion and Jewelry

Creative Ideas for Earring Displays

How to Talk to Hostesses

How to Win Prospects

Being Prepared at Events

The Psychology of the Perfect Gift

How to Give Meaning to the Jewelry

How to Generate Contacts and Prospects via Internet

The Easy Way To Call On Shops And Stores

How to Value and Price Your Jewelry
How to Use Fashion to Promote Jewelry

How ToEasily Override Competition

Do You Know What Makes Jewelry Special?
So Easy! Social Media Marketing Blue Print

Be Honest, Are You Ready For Your Success?

In addition to the one hundred and one
How To Make Good Money With Jewelry Videos

we are constantly preparing new and updated written articles

– a hundred-and-one very detailed articles – Each short article is focused on
a specific aspect of jewelry marketing, featuring a practical and helpful tip.

Each of them was written by a specialized expertin jewelry marketing,
All of this free content is designed to underwrite your successful enterprise.

Beinga New World Women Distributormeans: you have the best selling fashion jewelry

at the true producer price and that is the reason you will be making some very good money.

The New World Women Distributor enjoys
at least a six times margin from cost of product to retail.

This means that, in principle, the product can be doubled to wholesale and tripled at retail.

When it comes to jewelry, there areseveral things making the major difference
between the people who make good money, and the people who can’t succeed.

The most important thing is…

the power of having great demand for your jewelry.

The jewelry really has to be good and not just hype.

A unique one-of-a-kind product
that not everyone has
yet, everyone wants it.
…and you can getit
at the producer price,
…a price that allows you to readily sell
advantageously at wholesale,
as well as at retail.

By having such a very good value
androck bottom pricein the market,
your distributorship has

no direct competition.

This is SO important in today’s fashion and jewelry business.

These days, you have to give the customers real value.

To sell, you don’t want to be going around, asking people to buy something;

These days, you cannot just go out in the world with jewelry in your hand trying to sell it.
It is just no good to introduce yourself as somebody who is attempting to sell something.

You have to be real,you must have a valuable desirable product.
and you have to be able to distribute this product at a price where

the customer readily appreciates that she is receiving a good value.

These are the rules of the game today.

If you can’t acquire the product at a price that lets you give your customer
a very good deal, then your business will always be a tiresome uphill slog.

You need to have good information,
The information we have prepared;
quite detailed, with themes related to
“how to make good money with jewelry”

With application of the revolutionary economic model
ouraward-winning “Artisan-Direct Distribution Model”
here the meaning of “Fair Trade Two Point O” is revealed.

And this is how Fair Trade 2.0 works! I will explain it to you.

New World Women distribution of elegant, ethnic, style-setting, jewelry
is a revolutionary producer-driven, efficient, responsive, authentic,
and sustainable commercial model respecting the dignity
and goals of the handcraft jewelry-making producers.

New World Women allow our clients,
to enjoy a relationship with original artists
on the basis of mutual-respect and collaboration.

Our desireis to employ the profit margins to motivate our distributors,

since what we desire most of all is to generate employment, so that
our loved ones, who haveimmigrated to the United States to work
can be persuaded to return to their home town, reuniting our families
and to join us, in continuing the work of the production of this jewelry.

We know that to be able to get what we want
– which is to be reunited with our loved ones –
– our brothers, our fathers, husbands and sons –
we need to create a new productive economicopportunityin our village.
This urges us to open large markets to confronts this economic crisis;
and to be able to employ all our people, the artisans of our home towns.

In this economic model I am describing, commercial intermediaries are omitted.

Now, profit margins only correspond to the “New World Woman” distributor.

Be assured, the program that I amdescribing to you, iseminentlypractical.

Let me explainabout how this works:

The New World Women distributor
acquires the jewelry at a price equivalent to
the costs of materialsand labor;;

this price is what is called the “true price of production”.
We propose a strictly producer-direct arrangement.
without an unnecessary intermediate infrastructure.

Jewelry the New World Women distributor has
acquired direct-from-the-producer is then resold.

All the available profit margins go to motivate the distributor and her customers.

In a few words—-
“Artisan Direct Distribution Model” means:

world class unique product, beautiful jewelry,
at an elementary producerprice
with all of the profit potential still intact.

You see, instead of taking a profit on the production,
our artisans prefer to pass it along to you at cost,
in order to demonstrate our willingness to create
and make jewelry in a full employment situation.

Thesemargins-of-profit are large, healthy, and available

Facilitatingthe New World Women distributor to pass on
the jewelry to the retailers, and to share with them,
the good price and the benefits of a cooperative market.

Yet also these big margins of profit can be employed
to underwriteeffective marketing tactics

You can use these profit margins
to offer them as discounts,
as give away, and promotions.

Your business can really power up
with gift certificates youhave
to distribute via theinternet –
gift certificates keyed to your catalog, and redeemable
with jewelry and other products in your existing inventory

To make good money with jewelry,

it is necessary to have a good price
so you can make attractive prices for your clients,
and canoffer attractive promotions to your prospects
and canfeature introductory offers to your new contacts.

But most of all, you need a very low price to get in this position

To re-sell as a wholesaler, at an attractive price,
so the business is also quite profitable for your clients.

…this is what makes success in the fashion jewelry business possible –
you really have to have all these big profit margins available to play with.

The New World Women Distributor price enjoysat least 6 times mark-up to Retail

Let me remind you why all this is now possible.

It is because, the New World Women distributor

acquires the jewelry at the cost of labor, plus materials.
There are no additional over head or administration costs taken out

and neither is there taken out, the profit of a commercial intermediary.

As our New World Women associate,
you have access to our video and article collections
“how to make good money with jewelry”
and you will collaborate intimately with us
as our beloved New World Women Distributor.

As a New World Women Distributor
you enjoy the constant stream
of contacts, prospects, and clients
coming to you

-every day-

via social media on the Internet.

These contacts, prospects, and clients are received
continually, bythe New World Women distributor.

The very day your first jewelry shipment arrives,
you will be receiving fresh e-mails with inquiries
and people who want to purchase your jewelry.

Every day, you will be receiving even more e-mails.

contacts, prospects, and customers

– Every day, more than yesterday

and tomorrow, more than arrived today.

Think what this means.

Such acontinuous river of queries, orders, replies and ad-click responses
is thelawful product of a concerted and ongoing social media campaign.

As our new world women distributor, you are most enthusiastically welcomed
to participate with us in our new world women internet social media campaign,
on Linked-In, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You link into our networks and have access
to a lot of fantastic content and we will all wupport each other to get our jewelry look out there.

The social media campaign is always running in the background
so every year more people have heard of the new world women
or of the new revolutionary Fair Trade 2.0 commercial model

Every year more people have, for the first time,
seen thisbeautiful affordable handcrafted jewelry

By perpetuating an internet social media campaign,
the universe of contacts, prospects, and customers
will continually be more and more, year after year.

This constant in-flow of contacts, prospects, and customers
make the job of the new world women distribution very easy.

We know you will need our help andguidance to succeed
as an independent wholesale and retail jewelry distributor.