1. Our Story

Welcome to the first Post Commercial Projection Fair Trade 2.0 New World Women

 Our cooperative helps people who want to make good money with jewelry, at the same time to be part of an authentic social project and a revolutionary economic model.

We will be explaining how this all works

in the next days.  If you have questions

do not be afraid to contact us.   Maria Bermudez

Artesanas Campesinas de Taxco, Guerrero, México


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We are a cooperative, of professional craftswomen,
established in the production of handcrafted jewelry.

Our parents and grandparents were professional handcraft artisans;
making beautiful handmade jewelry in our village home workshops.

For decades we have been producing jewelry for the national and international markets
Our customers are typically traditional commercial importer-distributor kinds of business.

Over time, the jewelry we have been manufacturing has evolved in tune with the fashion
In recent years we have created, and come out with a very successful, line of jewelry.

It is the new stone mosaic jewelry
that we design, create and produce

The stone mosaic jewelry we make, sells well in the United States;
wherever our jewelry has arrived at the point-of-purchase interface,
it has met with an excellent reception by the public;

When, finally, our jewelry is sold to the people (the individual users),
the customer is paying at least six times the original price of that piece..

This fact points to the unique opportunity we are presenting in this webinar.


Imagine for a moment:
you have, by chance, met some Mexican women,
who are extraordinarily creative and industrious


…and that, with their friendship, and assistance,
you are able to establish a very profitable business
in fashion and jewelry

Not in some far future


But now
– starting from tomorrow:



I want to tell you our story.

Twenty and thirty years ago, our parents and grandparents
created the alpaca jewelry with pacific abalone shell mosaic.

This type of fashion jewelry made by our village became famous.

Our families manufactured this abalone shell jewelry
and sold the finished goods to the wholesalers of Taxco.

These Taxco wholesalers re-sold the jewelry of  our village
to a importer-distributors, who then re-sold the product again
to commercial vendors and stores, in Canada and the United States.

At that time, before the computers and the FAX
these commercial dealers were the only way in which
foreign buyers were able to get access to our jewelry.

Back in the nineteen-seventies and the nineteen-eighties…
these local wholesalers, the commercial merchants of Taxco,
were the principle customers of our fathers and mothers.,
– they made huge profits, exploiting the crafts people

These commercial wholesalers from Taxco, as they became rich,
theybe came obnoxious in their way of humiliating the artisan;
even though at the same time –yet very convenient to them-
they acquired their jewelry to make a profitable business with it.

HOW many times the craftswoman mother returned home with an IOU
signed by the helper of the wholesaler – instead of with food for her family!?

The mother going back and forth to Taxco several times wasting her money on transport
stand in line in the street, outside for hours, waiting for the wholesaler to pay her ticket..
…sometimes, waiting for them to finish eating, inside at a table, sucking on a chicken leg.

These humiliations made by the wholesalers of being an artisan;
but our parents were humble craftspeople, who did not complain, as they needed to make a living.

Eventually, our craftswomen’s cooperative was established,
and dedicated to defending the jewelry-making artisans
upon whose production, our humble families all depend.

Great efforts were made to modernize and to connect with a market
in an attempt to create a business that sold directly to USA buyers.

Our cooperative desired to “jump over” the abusive wholesalers in Taxco
to eliminate them from the chain of commerce.  …and from our  lives.

However, we ended up back in a very similar situation with these foreign buyers –
we, the artisans, creating and making their jewelry, yet waiting upon them like servants

We would very much like to make new relationships with sincere people
who genuinely sympathize with us, and would like to collaborate with us.

This is the reason I am here with you  — in this moment —
telling you all this – it is because, we intensely desire
to establish a new kind of distribution network

We do sincerely desire for you to have the opportunity
the commercial dealers have now lost – they lost their
direct-link to the producers of top-sellingjewelry fashion.

Now, you can have what the commercial dealers have lost
because of how they,  unfortunately, so carelessly treated us.

For us this is NOT a trivial matter, it is a matter of our survival
and traditional craftspeople and of the well-being of our families.

We simply can NOT permit the commercial dealers to drive this industry,
as they are capable of generating neither a fashion boom, nor a renaissance

…and we need both!

Just to get these commercial dealers, with their bad practices,out of our ribs,
we are intensely motivated to collaborate with some new world women sisters