Concepts of economic success and justice

Tolteca New World Women

Michael St Clair, year 2002

They are the ones who have silently absorbed the knowing of this planet,
while this earth is being severely tested from outside and from inside.
They might well be the ones who will give us a shelter in times to come

The products they fashion come charged with the magical energy of space-time
from within the grounds and the ores of aeons beyond our comprehension.

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Their sites were the energy vortexes and are to this day still the places
and points of contacts for Cosmic Knowing. You are invited to come
and visit, experiencing, and discovering what is hidden
beneath the land of the Toltecs, the ancient ones that knew all about
what we will soon rediscover – awareness, transformation, and mission.

The new world women offer you a new opportunity,
to demonstrate concepts of economic success and justice
as ideas that one may apply and support with acts in real life.