September 17, 2021


Welcome to Artesanas Campesinas


Fair trade is nothing new, but in recent years fair trade has taken on a much greater following. Fair trade organizations are a way to get high quality handcrafts and jewelry while supporting a worthy cause. Fair Trade has declared its intention to help the small producers in the third world market their regional and native goods within an ethical business model. Fair Trade means no sweat shops, no slave wages. Fair Trade means public transparency Fair Trade insures that producers receive significant economic benefit through providing work to the local economy and supporting the community by providing for genuine healthy economic growth.

Ethical Fair Trade is found in a cultural content and with cultural texture. An Ornamental object is framed by the color and tradition of the people who has created it, and are part of its beauty.

The new fair trade
is ethical fair trade

Ethical fair trade businesses make
a huge difference in their communities.

We all want to feel good about the clothes and jewelry we wear, right?

Well, for those of us who take this seriously, there are ethical fair trade jewelry and ethical fair trade clothing that we can wear to show solidarity with our humanistic principles

In Europe and in the United States there is a growing demand for ethical fair trade products and many people are taking notice and asking the burning question: how much do you have to spend for ethically made jewelry or clothing? supporting an ethically run business is a great way to vote with your money still people want to get a lot of value for their money when they purchase an item of jewelry or another item that is marketed as an ethical fair trade fashion accessory.

Ethical fair trade products are to be found among the colorful artistic and cultural traditions. Where this is possible, this is where one connects with the artisans who make the products.

The internet has been a saving grace for the smaller ethical fair trade companies who are original designers and producers of a culturally rich handcrafts tradition.

The beauty of purchasing online is that you are getting it directly from the people and natives making the jewelry you’re purchasing—and this is a huge deal. Sure, in the United States you can find stores or flea markets that sell these fair trade items but you have an artisan certification, you can never know if they are legitimate, or how many hands the money has gone through, to know for sure if the product truly was ethically fair trade made.

Ethical Fair Trade jewelry and clothing as well as other accessories are of growing interest in the United States and eager independent businesses in Mexico, South America and even Africa are helping to feed the growing demand for quality and authentic goods that can only be created by the people who create them and produce them using natural materials of their native land.

Ethical Fair Trade not only means you get to help out productive people in the developing communities and countries yet you also get unique, quality and ethnic accessories and jewelry that virtually no one else has.

We are the proud Designers and Makers of our products and we are very proud
of every piece we make, in our ancient and honorable tradition as native artisans.

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