September 17, 2021


Welcome to Artesanas Campesinas

Ethnic jewelry handcrafted from local materials
and accordingly to local tradition is some of the most unique jewelry you could ever wear, but where do you get it
and how do you make sure it’s authentic?

If you’re looking for truly unique accessories or clothing you already know how difficult it can be to track something down that is both unique and stylish but not expensive or over the top.

Handcrafted ethnic jewelry is made from the materials the locals use to make their own personal jewelry. This is the way to guarantee that you acquire jewelry that is unique. There’s also an added bonus: you get to help a village artisan community jump start their local economy and spark innovation. If you want truly ethnic jewelry that is authentic and unique, while not very expensive, you should find out about ethical fair trade ethnic handcrafted jewelry.

We are the proud Designers and Makers of our products and we are very proud
of every piece we make, in our ancient and honorable tradition as native artisans.

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