September 17, 2021


Welcome to Artesanas Campesinas

Ethical fair trade jewelry begins with the person who creates and produces the aesthetic object.

Only then, does the value proceed into the commercial sphere, where it is re-sold and merchants make profit.

The pre-colombian economics of the ancestors of the people of today’s México, provides an example of how ethical fair trade has worked on the level of societal macro-economics.

The Toltecs didn’t use money to create value and generate production of objects of art. These people produced food as well as art, and the value of the food and art was imparted by the industry of the person who created and produced it, not derived from market forces or the money used for purchase.

We are the proud Designers and Makers of our products and we are very proud
of every piece we make, in our ancient and honorable tradition as native artisans.

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